Repair Services for BMW & MINI in Malaysia

Problems with your BMW or MINI vehicle due to a faulty part or wear & tear?

Scheduling for Appointment

While we might have an idea about the cause of the problem over the phone or Whatsapp, it will be better if you can drop by to our workshop for an inspection and troubleshoot the cause of the problem. It will be better for you to make an appointment with us before dropping by so that we will be ready for you and your car.

Repair Fees Quotation

Having identified the cause of the problem, we will be able to recommend the necessary repair job and the necessary parts required. Only then, we will be able to release an accurate quotation for the replacement parts and labour charges. We only recommend quality parts to ensure reliability of your BMW or MINI car.

Repair & Delivery

Only upon agreement on the repair job, parts to be replaced and fees quotation, our professional technicians will proceed to start the repair and replacement job. For major repairs like an engine overhaul and etc, we will let you know beforehand if you need to leave the car at the workshop for an estimated duration of days.

At Heritage Services, our aim is to get the job done right, at the first time, using the right parts, so that you can get back to what matters most. Enjoying your ultimate driving machine

Repair & Services


  • Diagnosis
  • Tune-up
  • Mounting bracket


  • Wiring
  • Light Bulbs
  • Engine Control Unit (ECU)


  • Transmission Overhaul/Transplant
  • Leakages (eg. coolant pipings)

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